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Joey and Zhaina

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Our Story


Joey and Zhaina met on June 4th, 2021, and have been blessed with True Love ever since. Allow us though to get to know this divinely paired interracial duo a bit first, before we delve into their adorable love story. Spoiler alert: these enchanting love birds aren’t exactly birds of feather, and frankly are very different. We will come back to highlight some of these differences a bit later, and show how opposites really do attract!

 Zhaina Serikovna Myrzakhanova grew up the oldest of three sisters, in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. “Zhaina” in Kazakh, means “blossom,” which perfectly describes this delicate flower of a woman, but her friends affectionately refer to her as “Nova.” Nova excelled on an international level in the sport of speed climbing. So much so that Zhaina would be recognized as one of the top 10 climbers for females under 18. Nova would attend The United States Military Academy at West Point where she captained the collegiate climbing team, and won nationals twice. Zhaina is a selfless, beautiful person who carries herself with such tender love and care for others. She is a dedicated dog mom to Lenny and Josephine, and is a loving daughter, sister and friend.

Joseph Charles Belmont grew up an only child in the suburbs of Philadelphia, attended The Haverford School where he was a decorated Oarsman. He captained the Ford’s National and Stotesbury Championship Crew teams, followed by Cornell University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude in every aspect of college life with the exception of academia. Joey’s search for “the One” started when he was 12, and, over the next twenty one and a half years, he would conduct extensive field research on his plight to find True Love, but, his immense heart would prove to be coated with Teflon® when it came to serious relationships. As God would have it, He blessed Joey with the woman that will Love and Care for him for all his days in perfect timing.

Both Joey and Nova grow in their Faith and Love every day.

Joey + Nova= Jova

Joey is creative, outspoken, often outlandish, and spontaneous. Zhaina is demure, mild mannered, trusting, selfless and kind. Joey has grown up in the real estate business, and works as an entrepreneur seeking ways to build a healthier, more efficient world. Zhaina works in Information Technology, building online and mobile infrastructure for Truist Bank. Zhaina brought a fluffy, fun-loving Sheep-a-doodle to the relationship, while Joey brandished a brawny, block-headed Pitbull. Joey grew up wearing a Santa hat and drinking GoldSchlagger for the months of November, December, January, and occasionally July, and he loves chocolate chip cookies and milk whilst the lovely Zhaina grew up in a Muslim household, likes cookies with no chocolate, and is lactose intolerant. Joey adamantly protested wearing masks, and hosted Covid contraction gatherings, once proclaiming he spawned Florida’s Herd immunity. Zhaina is immune to Covid, but wore masks and got vaccinated anyway, for the courtesy of others, and because it made her feel better and gave her some semblance of control in an otherwise chaotic world era…The beloved sweethearts once engaged in a heated argument over J-walking in New York City, after Joey J walked, which irritated Zhaina. Joey wouldn’t trade the day he met Zhaina for anything in this world or any other, in fact he never knew it was possible to love someone as much as he loves Zhaina, and knew its what he wanted to do since he first heard her adorable Kazakh accent, and her innocently jolly laugh. Through any and all of these differences, they share a Love that is Pure beyond words, and couldn’t imagine life without one another. They truly complete one another with a Love so electric, a bystander to Jova’s PDA was quoted that “the kiss I just witnessed could power all five boroughs of New York City for a week.”

The Love Story

On a fateful and steamy June afternoon, Joey Belmont sauntered gingerly toward his favorite Fort Lauderdale watering hole, Yolo. Fresh off of his first neck surgery, Joey was sporting a bulky neck brace, hair past his shoulders, and was a month into parenting his Pitbull Puppy, Josephine. Zhaina had moved to South Florida after leaving a three-year relationship back in North Carolina. Being the strong-minded woman that Zhaina is, she packed her X3 with all the belongings she could fit, and, of course, Lenny, her 2 year old Sheep-a-Doodle, and drove to Miami. Well, God in all His matchmaking mystery would have Zhaina settle right across the river from her the future Love of her Life. Back to THE day, though, a mutual friend suggested that Zhaina come meet her at Yolo for an afternoon of fun, sun and a maybe a drink or two.

Joey thought this trip to Yolo would be just another lap around the ole’ track; he’d shake a few hands, give a few hugs, have a few drinks, and share a few laughs. Zhaina, too, thought this day would unfold as most other Saturdays since moving to the Las Olas area of Fort Lauderdale; chit chat with some of her new friends, tell a story she had heard on her beloved “local radio” talk show, have a drink or two, and walk home. When Zhaina arrived at Yolo, Joey was holding court in the outdoor seating area, entertaining a giggly group of local hopefuls.

Joey, mesmerizes at first glance, tried to play it cool and hurry to finish his story. Though eyes were held captive, fully dilated as they admired the way Zhaina’s supple olive skin plumped, perfectly taunt over her delicately imposing Eastern European cheekbones. As Joey transitioned the punchline of his anecdote into what would ultimately be that last overture he would make as a single man, he could barely corral the corners of his lips from spanning the entirety of his face.

“So, Nova, how about I buy you a drink? What do you like?” he perceptively inquired.
“Oh. That would be nice…I guess. Tee-Toes and ginger ale wiz lime please” uttered the Angel of the Orient. “It’s ok though, I was going to get one myself, you don’t have to” she humbly continued.
“I insist. I know the bartender, have a tab open, it would be a pleasure, however, there is one thing. I can’t buy you Tito’s” Joey informed “it would be a travesty to watch you consume vodka derived from leftover GMO wheat crop, how about a Belvedere” he politely insisted. “Oh and perfect, I’m due for a refill myself.”

Never before had either of our peachy protagonists been so immediately attracted to another with such genuine precision.
“well, what are you drinking?” Zhaina innocently inquired
“A Reposado Old Fashioned” Joey’s retort, spewed proudly as if he were dropping a microphone. “Stick with the Belvedere ginger. I’ll be back as soon as humanly possible.”
Joey made his way over to the bar.

The next two hundred seconds felt like years. The stichomythia had ignited interest that lingered in Joseph’s mind and loin as the bartender loudly shook the cocktails. Joey, having secured the libations, tried to attribute this sense of sophomoric excitement to the combination of pain medication, muscle relaxers, and South Florida humidity. His adrenal glands were pumping at an almost prehistoric rate. The confident and collected lad was now visibly pouring sweat from his brow. Our hero knew he had met his match, but he forced down the jitters with an assuring nip of the Old Fashioned. Joey gazed deeply into Zhaina’s doe brown eyes as he promenaded toward her, never once looking elsewhere on his deliberate trek.
“I could get used to this.” She likely pondered. Nova would later confess to seeing a mirage of an adult male Lion roaming toward her in that very moment.

The lambent lovers would talk the rest of the day away, learning about one another, laughing, and even occasionally breaking into song. Joey successfully parlayed the encounter into a dinner date, and proceed to order sushi over to what would become both of their residence in three month’s time.

The night would end in horrible fight over politics, with Nova storming out of Joey’s bachelor pad, slamming the door behind her with gale force as Joey continued to spout political epithets in her direction. He did not have her phone number, so the next day Joey reached out to Nova on Commigram with a heartfelt apology. The two would chalk the fight up to bad sushi, and Nova agreed to an official date a few days later. After that, the compassionate couple became inseparable.
Almost a month later, a business trip came up to land a pivotal solar and restoration job for Joey’s company. Nova was watching Josephine, as the two gals were peas in a pod, but something was missing in the Birthplace of America; Joey couldn’t stand to be apart from his loving lioness.

“Would you come to Philadelphia and spend 4th of July weekend with me?” Joey asked longingly, just two days since his departure

“I would. I mean, I would love to.” Nova asserted with majesty, around 6:15pm on July 2nd.

“Ok, you will need to leave the house in 25 minutes, I’ve booked you on the 8:30pm flight. It’s the last flight out, and I am so excited to see you.”

In shock, Nova scrambled to pack, find a friend to watch Lenny, and forge an emotional support animal letter for Josephine at Joey’s direction. In short order, the reserved young woman from Kazakhstan was well on her way to becoming a Belmont. Josephine’s first flight was with her mother, as the two flew North to reunite with Joe. They spent their first full day in Joey’s native city working and visiting with clients. Many of the gentlemen, including the house counsel to one of the client parties were so impressed with Nova. Between her beauty and charisma, her intriguing background, and her West Point degree, Joey and his company quickly became an afterthought. The efforts that weekend would land the deal, but, more importantly, on July 4th, Joey brought Nova to the top floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, Philadelphia, to formally ask her to be his girlfriend
Ever Blossoming Love

The cliché “when you know, you know” never had a better application than with Joey and Nova. They made their relationship official thirty one days after meeting, said “I love you” after forty days, moved in together after ninety two days, got baptized on the beach after one hundred and eighty four days, bought a house after seven months, engaged after nineteen months, and their first full day as a MARRIED couple will be exactly two years from that silky smooth Non GMO Belvedere and ginger ale at YOLO.

We thank you all for reading the story of how God has blessed us with True Love. We sincerely appreciate every one of you for your Love and Support leading up to, on, and beyond Our Special Day. We look forward to an unforgettable weekend with you all.

We pray that God bless all of you with Health, Joy, Peace, Bounty and True Love, and that we perpetuate those blessings with aid and service to others.

Thank you,
Joey and Nova